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My son had leukemia 5 years ago and is celebrating his

remission this month! During the time he was ill I became involved

in "Project Linus." (Named after Linus in the comic strip “PEANUTS”

who always carries his blanket.)

The group started in December 1995 by a woman in Denver to give

blankets to children with serious illnesses. Now there are more than

120 chapters helping out around the United States.

I receive between 100 - 150 blankets per month from "blanketeers"

around the metroplex. Blankets are crocheted, quilted, tacked, etc.

and they go to people ranging from birth to 20 years old.

I give the blankets to 3 major hospitals in Dallas - Scottish Rites,

Medical City, Children's of Dallas - as well as Cooke's Children in

Ft. Worth.

The blankets go to children in cancer treatments, on kidney

dialysis, receiving facial cranial surgery, just to name a few.

We never turn a child or blanket away. I generally take 30

to 50 blankets to the hospitals at a time Then the child-life

specialists give the blankets of comfort to the appropriate age

or sex by the size and color of the blanket.

Everyone is making blankets from Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church

groups, sewing guilds and many, many individuals.

One church group tie tacks quilts and gives the hospitals 10 per


The quilters call the ties "love knots" and sell them at church to

keep them supplied in fabric, batting and yarn. They have been

doing this since August '96 and the youngest in their group is 69

years old.

Another lady works at a "children's home" and wants the kids to

know that even if you have nothing, you can still give. She tapes

12x12 squares of muslin on their desks and they color pictures

with crayons.

She then covers the pictures with wax paper and irons to "set" the

pictures. She sews the peices together, adds a colorful background

and the kids help her tie tack the quilt.

Another group simply calls themselves the country gals and they

crochet and knit blankets.

There are many, many individuals that are very near and dear to me

who make blankets on a continuous basis. Many have been touched

by a loved one with an illness and some just do it out of love.

I thank God everyday for earth Angels such as these and how they

have touched my life.

Author: Renee in the DallasFt. Worth Metroplex Texas

"Angels and Miracles ... Good-News-Letter"


It is not how much we do, but how much love

we put into the doing.

And it is not how much we give

but how much love we put into the giving.

To God there is nothing small.

~ Mother Theresa ~